2.0heads recognizes the challenges facing your businesses. Successful entrepreneurs are long on great ideas, but often short on time and 2.0 expertise. How will you serve your clients while doing everything it takes to grow your business? We have answers for you. We run a small business ourselves and apply all the processes and tools that we advocate. And it works! Here’s how we will help you reach your goals.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t fix it. At 2.0heads we start by installing the tools needed to measure both online and offline activity. Rather than just gathering data, we ask ourselves, What constitutes success?, and What is the reason behind this website or campaign? We wouldn’t spend a dime on marketing unless we could measure the results. Neither should you.

Engagement is everything it takes to change awareness into interest in your offer. Engagement minimally requires the ability to attract visitors and deliver relevant content. We frequently use a Sales Funnel visualization to help tell the story. 2.0heads excels at the creation of brand assets and calls-to-action that will help your firm communicate your value proposition via your website, e-mail marketing and social media – all designed to help you reach strategic goals.

Few firms make the creative connection between marketing, positioning and sales. The “ecosystem” of data created by social media, search engine results and website analytics provides enormous opportunity to fuel growth. 2.0heads will help you gather and utilize this information in the development of efficient and effective sales channels that will reach new prospects, deliver compelling content, convert users into customers and suggest ways in which your customers will become your firm’s passionate evangelists.

Gathering data and measuring activity is critical – but it’s only a start. Analytics tell you what has already happened. What remains to be discovered is Why visitors behave as they do and What will they do in the future? These questions along with key business questions such as Who are my best customers? and What do my best customers have in common? can be answered only through insight and analysis.

Most successful small businesses face a day when growth plateaus, limited by the entrepreneur’s ability to leverage their knowledge, time and talent.  2.0heads is expert in creating the processes and procedures that help entrepreneurs make better use of their limited time and attention, allowing the business to scale exponentially.