Almost every businesses relies on personal relationships. So why treat your customers and prospects as thought they are all the same. The image below describes visually the old-school approach to “staying in touch with our customers” which is more accurately described as a one-size-fits-all bunch of articles that are typically more about the sender than the recipient.

If you maintain close relationships with your clients and prospects…


Well, hold on. This means different things to different businesses. Let’s define our terms more precisely. If you use any kind of CRM to track interactions with clients and prospects, you are capable of creating a 1:1 relationship with each and every one of them. Doing so will allow you send only content that you know is relevant to them and that they are likely to appreciate getting from you.

The diagram above describes an approach to reaching every customer and prospect with targeted content – in the amount and on the timeline of your design.

Current E-Mail and Content Marketing techniques allow for each contact to be “tagged” according to their behavior and the interest that they demonstrate in your offer. The type of “interest” we are talking about is, for example, a mini-conversion of filling out an inquiry form on your website or clicking a chat button to ask a question.

Why send international trade consulting messages to a local entrepreneur?