Leveraging the Digital EcoSystem for Growth:

O V E R V I E W :

A well-known and highly regarded Park and Recreation Consultant wants to grow and decided to make a commitment to our concept of the Digital EcoSystem as a way to manage Customer Relationships, Outbound Marketing, Blogging and Voice of the Consumer Surveys.

C H A L L E N G E :

To design a system that is relatively easy to maintain, delivers new prospects and raises the profile of the firm from regional to national.

S O L U T I O N :

2.0heads began by making an assessment of the decision-making landscape as municipalities make decision in a variety of ways. We concluded that outreach categorized by area of interest would get the most traction and we designed a communication platform that would deliver branded messages to decision makers across the country.

Integrating a CRM with the outbound marketing was a natural fit and allowed the client to seamlessly track the progress of each business relationship. Newsletter content will be sent to individuals based on a permissions scheme that releases content to end-users based on their preferences.

Content revisions to the website included enhanced Calls to Action that describe and clarify our client’s expertise and unique Value Proposition.

New to blogging, Heller and Heller accepted the challenge to provide their following with timely and relevant information:

  • Recent Findings and Industry Trends
  • Conference Content and Updates
  • New Research and personal observations on topics such as Effective Management and Operations of Park Facilities, and
  • Training Topics that are available from the firm

R E S U L T S :

Heller and Heller’s Digital EcoSystem provides a framework for outreach that is convenient, expands the reach of the firm and gathers data and survey opinions from site visitors. In short, the digital tools allowed her to leverage her time and scale her ability to maintain relationships. A great first step!

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