At 2.0heads, we like to visualize business opportunity in terms of a (traditional) Sales Funnel. The infographic reflects the transformation of a raw lead into a qualified prospect and ultimately a client.  

At the top of the funnel we are focused on drawing in ever-increasing numbers of leads through search, social and other acquisition channels.  We’re casting a wide net and are looking for volume.

At the second tier of the funnel, our focus is on engaging new visitors with relevant content that is responsive to their search or social interests.

As prospective clients demonstrate interest through the consumption of content, we will encourage them to convert interest into action.  For example, prospects might start by using a click-to-chat feature to ask initial questions and then move to the more valuable step of scheduling an office consultation.

After a prospect converts into a client, the business continues to engage with relevant conversation that supports repeat business and client referrals – all the things that an enchanted customer would do for a business they love!