O V E R V I E W :

An aggressive, new alternative energy company was looking for a way to remove friction from their customers’ online conversion experience.

C H A L L E N G E :

Test the hypothesis that visitors were abandoning the site rather than providing an account number as a means seeing their estimated savings.

S O L U T I O N :

2.0heads designed three distinct conversion paths that allow visitors to select the path that’s most convenient for them. This design approach provides an alternative to the client’s preferred (MOST PRECISE) means of delivering estimated savings. The options include to call (SLOWEST) or to see an average estimate savings – based on their zip code – (FASTEST) to see if it would be worth their time and effort to go find a current electricity bill. Making the zip-based offer the fastest increased the likelihood that visitors would have a peek at their estimated savings – and they have in large numbers!

  • Tracking with Custom E-Commerce Variables
  • Measuring site behavior and providing alternatives to abandoning the site
  • Delivering key information with a high-impact design solution

Would you go look for your electricity bill if it would save you $240 per year?

R E S U L T S :

Based on the Google Analytics expertise level of both the Advertising Agency and their client, 2.0heads delivered 5 customized reports that allow for the contextual, consistent flow of responses to the following questions:

  1. Who are my best clients?
  2. What characteristics and behaviors do the best clients share?
  3. What is currently my most effective way to attract these high value clients?
  4. What new marketing method might I try to attract more high-value clients?
  5. How do I encourage average customers to become high-value clients?

Armed with answers, the advertising agency is now empowered to engage in well-designed, measured marketing tests that will lead to a scalable, replicable, order of magnitude increase in sales.

Here is a recent proposal to further improve the conversion path with offers of additional information and incentives. Choices that visitors make should lead to additional insights into friction that decision-maker may experience when considering a switch to a new electricity provider.

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Case Study #5 – Getting Started with Web 2.0