There are six core process that make 2.0 Marketing a uniquely effective approach.  How fully optimized these processes are will determine the throughput of your sales funnel.

Competitive and Brand Analysis
Knowing what you stand for, how you differ from the competition, and what your value proposition is

Measurement & Analysis
The measurement tools (i.e. Google Analytics) and the appropriate measurement dimensions (qualified leads, new clients, etc.) that allow us to compare the ROI of marketing investments over time and across channels (billboards, Facebook, PPC, etc.)

Search Marketing & Optimization
The process of attracting qualified visitors to your website from search engines using paid and unpaid efforts.  It includes such activities as building complete directory citations, SEO, Pay-per-click marketing, etc.

Content Strategy and Promotion
Identifying, prioritizing, authoring and testing content to attract qualified visitors, and then promoting that content through outbound and inbound marketing channels.

User Experience and Conversion Optimization
Offering an engaging experience across all devices that makes content easy to find, promotes exploration, encourages conversion activity and promotes rapid testing and improvement.

Individualized Messaging at Scale
The infrastructure to capture and understand key visitor dimensions (age, location, interests, etc.), and to deliver individualized messaging via email, newsletters, postcards, etc.

These processes can be visualized in the context of a hexagon.  The outer ring represents the optimum performance of these processes, and it’s what we strive for.  As our efforts expand these processes from the center to the outer-most extremes, the throughput and efficiency of the sales funnel is expanded.

As the program develops we report the progress of each phase using an overlay of the previous phase. We support our observations with data relevant to the success measures derived from the goals of the program.