Tina, it can be very challenging to communicate the comparative position of a website’s keyword ranking versus the competition. Even though we spend so much time in the data, the numbers become overwhelming even to us! Below is a partial snapshot of the Dimitra’s keyword data.  Imagine analyzing not one but six or seven such tables as we compare various competitors.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.05.45 AM


The challenge becomes how to derive actionable insight with so many moving parts?

Our solution is to aggregate and then share the information in a visual way that allows both the client and 2.0heads to understand and compare the relative strength of each competitor’s keyword profile.

What’s your immediate reaction to the graphic below?  How do you think Dimitra’s Bridal relative keyword strength compares to the core competitors you identified including Bella Bianca, Belle Vie and Ultimate Bride?  We have also added the two strongest local keyword competitors including Alice Padrul and Mira Coture.  Although you don’t compete with them for customers in terms of the quality of your product, we do compete with them for organic search ranking.


Of course, not all keywords are created equally.  It’s also important to factor in the search volume.


We look forward to sharing additional insight when we meet!