O V E R V I E W :

A family-owned kitchen and bath design firm with a 50-year history needed to reinvigorate its brand and develop an online lead generation strategy to measurably increase sales in a challenging economy and competitive landscape.

C H A L L E N G E :

The oldest Wood-Mode dealer in Chicago, Better Kitchens had a well-earned reputation for personalized customer service, creative designs and excellent project execution. With an ever-expanding number of Wood-Mode competitors boasting lavish showrooms, the kitchen designer had to re-evaluate its competitive strengths and develop a digital marketing strategy that would generate leads while positioning the company in a more contemporary light.

S O L U T I O N :

Starting with a comprehensive analysis of existing sales, 2.0heads was able to determine the sources of profitable business. A review of the data suggested that while Better Kitchens enjoyed exceptional referral and renewal business from an existing, albeit aging clientele, there was virtually no online audience engagement.2.0 headsĀ went to work engaging potential buyers on a deeper level – video interviews with the Better Kitchens team and satisfied clients were produced and deployed to a branded YouTube channel. How-to videos were also created to enhance brand value and draw in new prospects. These integrated marketing efforts not only positioned Better Kitchens as a leader in the kitchen design community, but also helped to drive exceptional SEO results.

Further, 2.0heads identified the most productive keywords for Better Kitchens. An SEO-compliant web architecture was developed (2009) and fresh content authored to deliver excellent search results to drive qualified traffic while also offering useful and timely information to the consumer. Over 20 local directory listings played a role in driving preferred customers to the site.

R E S U L T S :

With a new website in place (2009), engaging content developed and the online efforts optimized for search, traffic to the Better Kitchens website has increased by over 400% and engagement levels more than doubled. Competing with over a hundred larger Wood-Mode dealers nation-wide, Better Kitchens earned first page SERP results against the competition:

  • Wood Mode dealers: #2 Nationally, #1 in Chicago
  • Brookhaven Cabinetry: #1 Nationally, #1 in Chicago
  • Wood-Mode cabinets Chicago: #1 Places, #3 Organic

Similarly, Google Analytics saw massive improvement from the 2.0heads work:

  • Traffic Increase: Increased from less than 400 unique visitors a month to over 1,700
  • Page Views: Increased from 2.4 pages per-visit to 6.7 pages, an increase of 280%
  • Bounce rate: Declined from 70% to 32%, an improvement of 100%+
  • Search traffic: Increased from 25% of all traffic to 87%, an improvement of 348%