A Unique Challenge of Positioning

O V E R V I E W :

A historical parcel of Wisconsin land named and favored by Frank Lloyd Wright goes up for sale for the first time in nearly 30 years. The seller is looking for a realtor who can brand the property with the Wright legacy to realize the unique value from the spectacular views and the .S O L U T I O N :2.0heads was brought in to craft a comprehensive creative and online marketing program that would attract a qualified buyer and engage them in a deeper conversation about the property. Visiting Borglum rock can be a spiritual experience for someone who loves nature and understands the importance of Southern Wisconsin to Frank Lloyd Wright. However, typical real estate marketing cannot convey the special nature of Borglum Rock.

Over a period of three days, 2.0headsdirected, shot and produced a short video that offers a sense of the grandeur that embraces you when visiting Borglum Rock. From the first blush of light in the morning through the fading purple light of dusk, the photos and video transport you to this very special place. Ground level and aerial photographs were taken to show the property both in the finest detail and broadest perspectives.

In addition, 2.0heads┬áresearched, designed and developed a dedicated website for Borglum Rock that is visually engaging while also focusing on the functional aspects of purchasing the property and building a home of one’s dreams.

R E S U L T S :

With spectacular creative content of Borglum Rock that brings the property to life and a website that provides the right backdrop to deliver that message, the work of 2.0heads has been lauded both by the owner and realtor as a vital marketing tool that attracts an upscale audience.