PR/Branding book about what’s driving Nike’s success

by Ajaz Ahmed of AKQA and Stefan Olander of Nike

The book extolls the virtues of Direction (where you are heading), Speed (with which you think ahead), Discipline (consistency of behavior, correctness of values) and Acceleration (the rate at which you set your work apart from others).

The seven “laws” (more like ideas, perhaps) that are discussed as cornerstones for Nike’s continued success are:

  • Evolve immediately. Entitlement kills.
  • Get going. Things get better.
  • Make meaningful connections.
  • Never have anything to apologize for.
  • Make yourself proud by making people’s lives easier, richer and more fun. Don’t just give people choice, help them choose.
  • Have the balls to make the calls.
  • Do the right thing: play from your heart.

Why is 2.0 heads commenting on a book about Nike (when our sworn duty is to serve the SMB community)? Because these aggressive and entrepreneurial ideas are important to use and we have to do them better than firms with a buzzillion dollars of media buying to make their ideas present in the minds of their audiences.

So go forth and innovate, cannibalize your own success (before someone else does) and show the world what you’ve got!

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